Jotter - Premium Bond Street Black Golden Finish Trim Ballpoint Pen

AED 135.00

Brand Parker


Expertly crafted stainless steel varnished body, complemented by a golden finish cap and trim Parker Jotter Premium Stainless Steel Diagonal Chrome Colour Trim GT Ballpoint Pen is instantly noticed, Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last 60 years. With covetable colours and a distinctive shape is suitable for all occasions as a Christmas gift or birthdays. This Jotter Ballpoint Pen is best suited for companies who wants to give some Parker presents for for employees or partners. Jotter remains Parker's most popular pen, recognizable down to its signature click. This Parker Ballpoint Pen can be refilled with every Parker ballpoint refiller. Packaged in a premium gift box or hangsell. This Ballpoint Pen comes with one Ballpoint refill in random colour blue or black.

catalog No. 1953202
Series Jotter Premium
Finish with GT
Style classic
Type of lacquer smooth
Colour black
Slim no
Edition regular