Safari Pink Cliff 2024 Special Edition Fountain Pen

AED 115.00

Brand Lamy

The LAMY safari is a workhorse pen, known throughout the fountain pen community for its ruggedness, reliability, and no-nonsense functionality. The triangular grip makes it great for those starting out who have no idea how to hold a fountain pen, but it's used and loved by fountain pen lovers of all levels of experience.

The safari comes with an interchangeable black steel nib, which can be easily swapped out for another size. This fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge so you can get started writing right away.

If you'd like to use bottled fountain pen ink, you can also purchase a LAMY Z28 converter.

Product Highlights:

  • • Contrast Grip section 
  • • Triangular grip section
  • • Interchangeable PVD steel nib