Bullet Matte Black Space Pen Ballpoint

AED 145.00

Brand Fisher

The first pens developed by Paul Fisher, these distinctive and unique pens are still the most popular in the Fisher Range today.

Cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, the Fisher Bullet Pen is exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art. When carried (with the cap on), the Bullet Pen is a very compact 10cm long.

When writing with a bullet pen, the cap can be slipped on the end so that it is "normal size” (14cm long).

All Bullet pens are gift boxed. 


  • Write at any angle, including upside down
  • Write on paper that is greasy or wet - they even write under water
  • Fisher Space Pens don't leak or ooze
  • Ink lasts approximately three times longer than other ballpoint pens
Fisher Space Pen’s Sealed Pressurized Ink Cartridge performs in temperatures from -1ºC to +120ºC, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle–even upside down! The ultimate in dependability! The choice of ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument.