45 Special Fountain Pen

AED 195.00

Brand Parker

About the Pen:

Year of production: Late 1960s
Filling system: Cartridges or converter
Nib: 14kt Solid Gold
Material: High grade plastic body; Thick steel cap
Length (pen closed): 136mm

Condition and information:

Hardly any pen had or ever will surpass the stunning looks, build quality, performance and ease of use that this remarkable pen has. The Parker 45 model is one of the best known pens worldwide and one of the most successful models of the Parker Pen company. It was their first cartridge model, one that captured the hearts and souls of the people with a modern design. The pen was intended for the mid class pen market, but soon its popularity caught on so much that Parker started to produce high-end luxurious variations of it. There were dozens upon dozens variants of the Parker 45. This model was the entrance base model called the "Student 45 Pen".

The pen is crafted in thick high grade plastic in elegant black color which provides physical protection of the pen and it is accented with matte steel parts which contribute for its high quality and appeal.
The clip of the pen is shaped in the company’s recognizable trademark, the Parker arrow.
The cap features nice crisp engravings with the Parker logo, branding name and made in “USA”.