Perkeo All Black Fountain Pen

AED 65.00

Brand Kaweco
This is the Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen. It comes in a plastic sleeve and there is not a case for the pen. The pen has a plastic cap and barrel. The top of the cap has the Kaweco logo in chrome color and a hexagonal shaped cap. The Kaweco logo is engraved on one of the sides. The shape reminds me of the Kaweco classic but it's a little bit shorter, it's not quite as long as that particular pen. The Kaweco Perkeo has a longer barrel and the barrel has faceted sides all the way along the length, with the chrome colored ring in the center of it.

The cap is a snap-off cap and it can be posted on the pen. Descent-sized pen with that cap posted. You can use the pen without it posted as well. So it's not like the Kaweco classic, it's a little bit longer. And has an ergonomic grip section and a stainless steel nib with the Kaweco logo engraved on it and the black feed on the backside of the nib.