Ecridor Flowers Ballpoint Pen - Palladium

AED 880.00


Caran d'Ache presents the Ecridor Flowers, inspired by the poetry of exotic gardens.

Adorned with vanilla orchids, balisier flowers and palm leaves, the Ecridor Flowers highlights a tropical paradise, thrives. Palm leaves and balisier of the Caribbean intertwine while the pistils of vanilla and balisier flowers sparkle like diamonds. Ecridor Flowers brings to mind the harmony of an abundant jungle, pierced with tiny shimmering accents.

For the first time, Caran d'Ache combines two engraving techniques to create the exotic flower motif. Using a laser, the design of leaves and petal are outlined with exceptional precision and delicate whiteness on the body of the ballpoint pen. The three different sizes of the exotic flowers’ dainty pistils serve to endow them with the radiance of precious stones.

Includes one Goliath ballpoint refill installed in the pen.


  • Palladium-coated hexagonal body
  • Flowers design guilloche engraving
  • Push button action to extend the refill
  • Equipped with a Goliath ink cartridge installed in the pen
  • Handsome gift box
  • Caran d'Ache Limited Lifetime Guarantee


  • 5 1/16 inches long
  • Weight: .6 oz (a medium weight pen)

Made in Switzerland